September 5, 2021
September 5, 2021

List of anomalies. Contrary to the second law of thermodynamics. Some minerals, under normal conditions, are cooled down (the case is in radiations in which heat is transformed, the same properties in mercury). The atmosphere is warm during the day, it cools at night. But around there is a space vacuum – an ideal heat insulator – a heat transfer, close to an absolute zero.
*In the cathode radiolamp, the temperature 20 celcius, radiates electrons, to anode temperature 30 celsius. The energy goes from cold to hot … It is possible to infer that thousands of examples … And, it turns out, the abnormal behavior of the environment is more than normal … It can not all be abnormal … Because when everything is abnormal – then for this environment , this is normal.
*The second law of thermodynamics Didorenko. Engineer is a mechanic. Energy in space is transmitted in many ways … Thermal, beam, wave, ion and other types of energy transfer … Each type of energy-transmits energy from a zone of greater compression to a zone of less compression …. However, the directions of movement of different types energy may or may not coincide. For example – the heat energy is the movement from the first to the second, and the beam from the second to the first body.